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Re: user private groups and a src group

Firstly let me say that we are considering this proposal at work as it
appears to solve our problems regarding project access.

During the consideration an interesting point was raised. Our network is
soon to be on the Internet. It has been stated elsewhere that it is a
*BAD THING* to have as default world readable files, as this allows
potential hackers (in the newspaper sense of the word) access to 
information that could be used in their hacking. The 'traditional' way
around this would be to place our local users in a local group, so that
they can read the necessary files and make the umask 027. If we use the
proposal then the above does not work. So what is the best way of
approaching the problem of giving read access to local users whilst
keeping out non-local users?


PS AEGIS had the solution - Access Control Lists! Now where is my

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