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Can't install

I'm having trouble installing Linux.  Any suggestions?
I've got a 80386, 33 MHz, 80387, 8 MB RAM, 80 MB IDE disk, 1.2 & 1.44 floppies.
First partition is a 32 MB MS-DOS partition, and I'm trying to use
a 32 MB Linux partition and the rest as swap.

The short version:
It seems to build everything correctly, but when I tell it I want to 
create a boot floppy, it tells me to stick in a disk and hit return.  
Without touching the disk, it immediately says "Done." The floppy ain't 
bootable.  Hard disk isn't, either.

The long version:
Built the boot/install floppy, plus basedsk1 and basedsk2
Booted the boot/install floppy
Hit return to "use the RAMDISK"  
System boots "Linux version 0.99.14t"
Says "Welcome to Debian Linux 0.91 BETA!"
Typed "dinstall"
1. fdisk
   partition /dev/hda
   p (print partition info)
      /dev/hda1 1..428, 32733+ blocks, Id 4, DOS 16-bit <32M
      /dev/hda2 429..856, 32742 blocks, Id 83, Linux native
      /dev/hda3 857-1024, 12852 blocks, Id 82, Linux swap
   (I partitioned it earlier)
   q (quit without saving)
2. Initialize and activate your swap partition(s)
   Check for bad blocks? y
   Setting up swapspace, size = 13156352 bytes... Adding swap.. 12848k.
3. Format Linux native partitions with mke2fs
   Check for bad blocks? y
   mke2fs 0.4a... 
   8192 inodes
   32742 blocks.
   1637 blocks reserved for super user
   blah blah blah...
4. View partion table
   (same as above, as expected)
5. Install the Debian Linux base system
   m (mount a filesystem)
   /dev/hda2 as /root/
   c (continue)
   install from /dev/fd0
   insert basedisk #1... installing...
   insert basedisk #2... installing...
   /dev/hda2 appears to be your root filesystem.  Which partition is root?
   It looks like /dev/hda3 is your swap.  Which partition is swap?
   Setting up /etc/fstab...done.
   Changing root to /dev/hda2 in configuration files...done.
   Setting root device to /dev/hda2...done.
   Networking setup...
   Setting hostname in networking, mail... done.
   Additional networking? n (not now anyway)
   Time zone US/Central
   non-US keymap? n
   Modem 5 (none)
   Mouse 1 (serial) 2 (COM2, /dev/cua1) 4 (Logitech)
   'dsetup' finished
   WARNING: No automatic LILO installation is done here.
   Would you like to make a custom bootdisk before proceding? y
   Please insert floppy...
   Copying the kernel image to the floppy disk...
   Then, instantly, with no access to the floppy at all, it says: "Done."
   "You may now reboot your system with the custom bootdisk."
6. Reboot the system
   "Non-system disk or disk error"
   "Replace and strike any key when ready"

I put the Linux build disk in, get the boot prompt, then try to
boot from the hard disk (against the screen's recommendations) with
hd root=/dev/hda2

The system boots:
  Memory: 7132k/8192k available
  Floppy drives: fd0 is 1.2M, fd2 is 1.44M
  fpu 387
  Linux version 0.99.14t
  Partition check: hda: hda1 hda2 hda3
  EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended
  VFS: Mounted root (ext2 fielsyste).
  init[1]: unrecognized option "hda2"
  Mar 17 11:08:21 init[1]: unrecognized option "hda2"
  Mar 17 11:08:21 init[1]: version 2.4 booting
  init[2]: cannot execute "/bin/sh"
  Mar 17 11:08:22 init[2]: cannot execute "/bin/sh"
  Mar 17 11:08:22 init[1]: Entering runlevel: 3
  init[3]: cannot execute "/bin/sh"
  Mar 17 11:08:22 init[3]: cannot execute "/bin/sh"
  *** Debian Linux 0.90 BETA ***
  (none) login:

I can't log in as anything!  Just gives me the login prompt back.
Probably 'cause there's no shell.

Any suggestions?

 David Rush                              Internet:  rush@erg.sri.com
 SRI International                       AmPRNet:   david@n0oxh.ampr.org
 Leavenworth, Kansas                     AX25Net:   n0oxh@w0xk.#nwmo.mo.usa.na
 (sister city to Wagga Wagga, Australia) Phone: 913 682 9101 Fax: 913 682 9119

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