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Re: user private groups and a src group

Matthew Birkholz:
> > Well, _my_ project is "important" (to me) and so is my time.  (Bye.)

Remy Card:
> 	So, why don't you explain why your project cannot be achieved
> with a version control system?  The proposal is supposed to solve the
> problems related to development on shared files and I am quite amused
> that none of its supported seemed to consider version control systems
> before I talked about them :-)

Remy, you're thinking too much like a software person.  Not every
shared project involves a repository of source code that can benefit
from using a version control system (VCS).

One example is a group of users that need access to shared database.
The DBMS prevents users from trashing each other's entries by locking
individual records as needed.  However, users still need write access
to the database.

Another example is going to be done in Debian 0.92.  Ian is setting
things up so any member of group `staff' can install packages in
/usr/local.  Surely you're not suggesting that the binaries from
/usr/local/bin be placed under VCS, are you?

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