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edquota missing ?

   Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 22:37 PST
   From: Yen-Wei Liu <ywliu@beta.wsl.sinica.edu.tw>

	   In Debian 0.91 I can read man pages about disk quota tools, such
   as edquota, repquota and which are supposed to be in /usr/etc. But they
   are not and even /usr/etc doesn't exist. What's wrong ?

Looks like I need to edit a few manpages. :) These utilities can be
found in /usr/sbin, but don't bother; they are not supported by the
kernel, anyway (unless you want to patch it by hand).  Due to the
rapid rate of development of recent kernels, I didn't feel having
process accounting and disk quota support was worth having to manually
patch the kernel source each time a new release was made.  As soon as
kernel development slows down this support will be re-added.

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