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Re: _PPP_

On Wed, 2 Mar 1994, Matt Bailey wrote:

> Is anyone working on a PPP package I am interested in this and am willing 
> to help but I can not do this on my own :( Just don't have the time in 
> order to do this it will need a man page (desperatly) and some basic chat 
> scripts and some stuff for incoming PPP links.....
> this package should include PPP kernel patches, CHAT (of course chat 
> source), and pppd the actual daemon in order to this crazy thing  :)

The pppd package needs to be upgraded to work with pl15 as well as the 
net3 code, so this would be a worthwhile project for somebody to work on, 
not just for Debian, but for the Linux community in general. Actually, 
the best thing would be for somebody to work on porting the new version 
of ppp (2.something) to Linux. I remember somebody on the PPP channel 
mentioned they were working on this, but I have heard little about it
recently, so I'm unsure of the progress being made.

Could somebody shed a little more light on this please? PPP is definitely
stable enough to include in Debian, IMHO. I'd offer to help make it work,
but I think I'll be quite busy already with kerb5, security  and sendmail ;-)


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