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Re: Pcomm and term

>> Ok, after seeing the plea for help go out, I thought I might be able to
>> do something to help. Adding RTS/CTS flow control to kermit and Pcomm is
>> something that I'd like to see done, and having a term package for Debian
>> would also be desirable, IMHO. Should I try and collect some of the
>> "termified" programs like termtelnet and termftp to go in the latter
>> package?
> I already compiled term v1.12 for Debian, and have uploaded the
> term112.tar.gz source with precompiled binaries to debian Incoming.

Ok, so someone's already "done" term. If it's ok, I can "take over" Pcomm,
adding a few features that I want, and generally keep it up to date. Anyone
have any objections/requests?

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