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can a adaptec 2930u2 run on a ultra5 using debian CD audio on Ultra 10 Debian installer can't recognise my seagate hd eject floppy fbset doesn't work floppy boot trouble FYI: 3.3.6-11 getty oops and netscape Glibc, gcc, libdb2 and nss_db Re: Gnome-Helix binaries for D2.2 USPARC howto to configure isdn and X in a sparcstation 10 Identifying monitor for XF86Config ? installation on a sun ultra1 Installing Debian on Sun IPX using serial console installing off of serial console. installing pine on sparc iptables not in potato? jumper seetings keeping xset values kernel compile problem Keyboard map under X Keymap for a Sun Type 6 keyboard? login message lprng incompat ? Re: [LRP] LRP on sparc more on the ELC mozilla bloat ware ? Mozilla (was: Re: getty oops and netscape) netwatch bus error OOPS when using Solaris compatability pine for (ultra)sparc Re: potato on Ultra1 Potato: SPARCstation ELC white line on console Potato & Ultra5 Problem installing gnome-panel Problems with gnome-panel and X\ Questions... [ Bug#71012: Missing dynamic dependency on libz] Slightly OT: Monitor or Graphics card? Solaris emulation SPARCStation 10 network installation problem sparc sun4 IPC install TFTP boot on sparcstation1 locks.. RE: Time problem trouble: net boot w/ serial console Various I/O problems with Sparcs Weird working of X wvdial and ultra 5? X Configuration X configuration on Potato/Sparc xpdf-i outdated on sparc? The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 156 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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