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Re: Debian installer can't recognise my seagate hd

> Hello fellow debian on sparc users/developers
>     Hi, I am trying to install debian on my sparcstation 2, and have
> come across a strange error.  I replaced the 100Mb Hd that came with the
> computer with a seagate 2.1 Gb one.  For some reason, the debian install
> cannot seem to find that drive on kernel boot.  This is strange, because
> it can be seen by probe-scsi, solaris, and even redhat!  Are their any
> modules I can pass at the SILO boot prompt to correct this? 

I do not understand exactly: which boot do you mean? The very first boot
that installs the base system or the second boot that completes the
installation process (windows-way... :-)) and installs the packages?

If you are able to start the installation process by means of, say, the
rescue/root floppies (or network, cdrom, whatever) then the problem is
probably that you haven't created a "Sun disk label" when you have
partitioned your hd (if you need more details, please ask me directly and
I'll describe thoroughly what you need to do).

Anyway, I have several IPX/SS2 with larger HDs, and I can assure you that
everything works fine. If you need more help, please describe in detail
what you did.



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