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Re: wvdial and ultra 5?

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 04:18:32PM +0200, Pieter Krul spewed forth:

> using wvdial as a chat replacement. Perhaps forcing the ttya/b-mode 
> on the PROM, or with `eeprom`, might perhaps(?) help as well, if your
> modem supports the speeds you set it to.

The modem definitely supports 115200.  Not sure about anything higher than
that, but I don't plan on going any higher.  I cranked ttya-mode to
"115200,8,n,1,-" and rebooted, but wvdial still won't play at higher than
38400, so I've gone back to pppd/chat.  This only has to last until my DSL
comes in, so I guess that I can live without wvdial's convenience.  :)
With compressable data (say, news overview), I am able to drive this setup
to 9-11k/s, as reported by pppstats.

I have opened a bug against wvdial, but I'm not really sure if it's at
fault or if the serial driver is.

Thanks for the responses...


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