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Re: wvdial and ultra 5?

Jason Wright wrote:

> I pulled one of my old pre-wvidal /etc/ppp/options out of mothballs and
> I was able to run with the port speed set to 115200.  Is there a way to
> get wvdial to run at a higher speed on this machine?

My ZyXel TA128 runs at 460800 baud on my Ultra5, which is the maximum 
rate the TA itself can handle. I only use pppd and chat.

My guess it that wvdial tries to set/negotiate the baudrate, as it 
probably should on a PC, with a limit of 115200 baud. You could try 
using wvdial as a chat replacement. Perhaps forcing the ttya/b-mode 
on the PROM, or with `eeprom`, might perhaps(?) help as well, if your
modem supports the speeds you set it to.

Good serial cabling is also very important at higher speeds, but
that might be obvious :)


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