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Re: jumper seetings

> On Sep 02, Shandar Ahmad scratched in indelible ink :

> Thanks to all the support here, I am on way to built
> my sparc station cluster. I could install, debian, rsh
> client, server, mpich on one of the nodes. Now I am
> trying to do the client nodes. For several reasons, I
> want to do a dd system  copy. But as I put both my
> scsi disks in the my system, I get an "init failure,
> kernel panic" message. This may be due to jupmer
kernel panic, unable to mount root fs? or similar?
jumper settings are particular to each model/series of hard drive.  search
the manufacturer's web site for the models you have.
just make sure that all scsi devices have different numbers on them
the command 'probe-scsi' at the boot prom will tell you what is present
and usually hangs if there is more than one device with the same ID -- a
slightly quicker way to find out if you have this problem.

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