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Re: getty oops and netscape

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> Netscape has not released binaries for Linux/SPARC since version 4.52. If
> you feel up to the task, you can download the source package from "slink"
> and build it on the sparc. This will produce .deb's that can be installed,
> and allow you to run Netscape under sparc. I might also add that Mozilla
> (currently M17 in "woody") runs quite well.
> Ben

I had an old Redhat 6.1 Sparc CD on my desk an run alien on the netscape
rpm, i installed the old lib that need to run and i have netscape running.
The only problem is that with some pages it eats all my ram (swap incl).
This happened with Redhat too, so i think is a problem of Netscape 4.52.
Isnt there a Galeon deb in woody. I try it on an i386 and its work well.

I have a Ultra1 170 Clone.


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