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Re: Weird working of X

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 02:14:13PM +0200, Ottavio Campana wrote:
> I'm using  windowmaker on my ss10  with a cg6 framebuffer.  I've noted a
> strange behaviour of  X. When I run Wmakerconf or  gimp1.1 and the mouse
> is on  the application window I  get the window correctly  displayed and
> tha background has all the colors inverted. When the mouse is out of the
> window on the background its colors are  ok and the colors of the window
> are inverted.
> I've  had the  idea that  it could  be a  gtk problem.  I wrote  a small
> program with gtk, I ran it and it worked.
> Does it happenat o other people this fact or just to me?
> Do you know why it happens?

You seem to only be supporting 256 colors. What you are experiencing is a
"palette change". Basically, there are only 256 possible different colors
that can be displayed at any one time. When your applications are in the
foreground, they are adjusting the palette so they can show as many
possible colors for itself. This has the affect of turning the rest of the
colors to garbage (since they are still using the palette, but the colors
don't correspond to what it expects). This isn't gtk, it's the X system
doing this.

I think you can disable this somehow, so all apps use the same palatte.
Doesn't look very good for things like gimp, since it limits it's own
palette, but it'll avoid the palette shift. However, since I've always had
atleast 16bits (65k colors) when I use X, I'm not sure what the
configuration is to change it (maybe email debian-x, if someone here
doesn't know).


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