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Re: Questions...

* Dario Rossi <dario@it.colt.net> [000925 02:13]:
> i did everything yuo said and for compiling vmlinux i had no problems...

Good... one down, one to go. :)

> For sound , instead i am still having troubles, infact i wasn't able to
> select those few sound options in the kernel conf..., even doing make
> menuconfig.
> Ah i tried also make config, but nothing changed.
> i send the .config file, in attachment if you mind to take a look at it!

Well, you can send me the .config file and I'll look at it, but
no promises... especially since I don't personally have an Ultra 5
to test it with.

> P.s. i need HELP also because my colleague using RH is annoying me,
> considered that sound is working on his machine : (
> BTW DEBIAN rules

Heheh... I just think that SPARC/Linux rules, no matter what
distribution. :)  I just tend to not use my SPARCs for audio purposes.

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