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Identifying monitor for XF86Config ?

Hi All,

	Well, finally got my hands on a Sun Ultra 1 which I've had immense fun
	with over the past couple of days! 

	The Debian installation went fine, I'm really impressed with it.

	Last night I started to configure X, however I had one problem. I
	don't know the vert and horiz refresh rate of my (Sun) monitor, nor
	the amount of video ram on my card (Creator 3D). I've got X up and
	running with a borrowed configuration from a friend - but I don't know
	if it's optimal or not.

	The only thing I can say about the monitor is that its an original
	20" Sun monitor with model number GDM 20D10. (If there's some other
	way of identifying it please let me know).

	Does anyone know the refresh rates ? or have an XF86Config file that I
	could look at ?


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