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Various I/O problems with Sparcs

    I am having various problems getting linux to work correctly on two of my SPARCs.  I have 2, one is a SparcStation2 and the other is a Sparc IPX.  On the SparcStation2, both the debian rescue disk and the cd refuse to boot a 2.1 GB seagate SCSI disk I installed on it.  Probe-scsi on the prom detects the drive and Solaris 2.7 can also run on it.  How do I get debian to detect the disk, are their any silo boot parameters I can set to make it detect the drive for instance?
    My second problem is on my Sparc IPX.  Linux installs and runs fine, and even X is up and running, but the keyboard and mouse behave strangly.  They are both Type 4.  The keyboard sometimes outputs the wrong key seemingly randomly, such as, I push / and it outputs a 'y'.  In X, the mouse moves on its own when a program swaps to the disk or when a mouse button is pushed.  Has anyone else had these problems, or should I consider it a defect of this ancient machine?  I have install both redhat and debian (my preference) and both seem to suffer the same defect.  I have tried several keyboards and serveral mice.  I have not installed solaris for reference. 

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