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Re: getty oops and netscape

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 at 1:40pm, Ben Collins wrote:

BC> I'm using the 12x22 font without problems on 2.2.17. I assume you
BC> tried without that font?

Yes sir, I did (with both the pre6 and 2.2.17-1 sources).  And 
everything is good as Debian/Linux has always been (known to be).   :)

BC> Netscape has not released binaries for Linux/SPARC since version
BC> 4.52. If you feel up to the task, you can download the source
BC> package from "slink" and build it on the sparc. This will produce
BC> .deb's that can be installed, and allow you to run Netscape under
BC> sparc. I might also add that Mozilla (currently M17 in "woody")
BC> runs quite well.

Pardon me.  But doesn't it mean then that I can also download the 
source from woody/potato and build it on the sparc?  Would you 
point me to the doc that teaches me how to "build it on the sparc"?  
Thank you!

Yes, I have tried M17.  But I thought it less "useable" than M14 (M15 
hangs trying to create the profile): from the logs that scroll by on 
the window where I started mozilla, it appears to generate many more 
error messages and is slower (than M14).  But it might be because I 
didn't configure it correctly---although it was installed by dselect.

Anyhow, because I need to access secure server (https) frequently, I 
thought netscape (or communicator) would be more appropriate.

Again, thank you very much for ... hmm, everything!!


P.S.  Thanks, Herbert Xu, for reminding me to use the list 
      concerning my question about the 12x22 font problem.

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