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Re: more on the ELC

On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:

> > **   Now, booted with 'boot net nfsroot=/boot/
> >      nfsaddrs=', where .22 is needle,
> >      and .4 was farstar.
> >
> this is the bit that I have never ever seen documented.  a boot command for nfs-root.

	Hmm... `cd /usr/src/linux/Documentation/; rgrep -r nfsroot *`
results in a number of hits on a certain file called 'nfsroot.txt'. :) All
you ever wanted to know about NFS root mounting at boot time is there for
you to read. Also, kernel-parameters.txt also has some information about
it. Though don't feel too bad, it took me a while to find it too. 

> Thank you, thank you thank you.

	You are welcome.

> which, btw, what do the segments after nfsroot=... mean?

>From the /usr/src/linux/Documentation/nfsroot.txt file, they mean:


Note that 'nfsaddrs' is now 'ip', but the old keyword still works as well
(as I used it). TTYL.

	PS. /usr/src/linux => 2.2.16. 

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