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Re: Identifying monitor for XF86Config ?

On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 06:10:17PM +0200, Marcus Crafter wrote:
> Hi All,
> 	Well, finally got my hands on a Sun Ultra 1 which I've had immense fun
> 	with over the past couple of days! 
> 	The Debian installation went fine, I'm really impressed with it.
> 	Last night I started to configure X, however I had one problem. I
> 	don't know the vert and horiz refresh rate of my (Sun) monitor, nor
> 	the amount of video ram on my card (Creator 3D). I've got X up and
> 	running with a borrowed configuration from a friend - but I don't know
> 	if it's optimal or not.

The Creator3D card has 3 banks of 5MB ram each (A&B buffers plus a Z buffer),
which is exactly enough to run in 32 bit color, double buffered, 1280x1024.
There is a 'highres' (unofficial?) hardware mode which will do 10MB of ram as
one buffer, but graphics operations are somewhat slower.  I'd recommend just
using 1280x1024.

> 	The only thing I can say about the monitor is that its an original
> 	20" Sun monitor with model number GDM 20D10. (If there's some other
> 	way of identifying it please let me know).
> 	Does anyone know the refresh rates ? or have an XF86Config file that I
> 	could look at ?

The boot prom might know, actually.  I think most of the monitors shipped with
Creator cards could do 76 Hz, and I know 66Hz was a standard refresh rate.

Jon Leonard  (JonL on the Creator3D board)

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