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Re: keeping xset values

On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 12:05:12PM -0400, Pete Jogan wrote:
> Hey everyone --
> I want to be able to keep my current xset values (/usr/X11R6/bin) saved
> somewhere,
> such that whenever I have to shutdown/reboot/etc...when X starts back up
> I don't
> have to go back and set these values all over again:
> xset s noexpose
> xset s noblank

You can _try_ putting those two lines in your .xinitrc, at the beginning
and with ampersands.  Be warned, however, I have had problems with
xserver-xsunmono if I add an xsetroot command; moving the mouse causes
the X server ot crash.  So this may not work.

> Is there a simple way of doing this?

If that doens't work there may be a window manager-specific way of doing
this, I don't know.  It depends on your window manager.  Afterstep has a
way of running initialization commands, but I don't know exactly how
they work.  Enlightenment and GNOME both have ways to do this, which I
also don't know.

> Thanks in advance,
> Pete J
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