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Re: Weird working of X

* Ottavio Campana <bott@iol.it> [000920 00:04]:
> so I should change framebuffer, right?  Which cheap but good in the
> same time would you suggest me?

Unfortunately, there is no cheap choice for you.  The cg6 line is the
most common, and the only ways to have 24-bit graphics on an SS10 is

a) if you have an SS10SX (rare), then get the VSIMM for drive the
   built-in framebuffer.  If you don't have an SS10SX, this is not
   an option.

b) Get a "Leo", also known as the ZX or TurboXZ... but these cards
   normally sell for about $300US and don't perform half as decent
   as something on an x86.

You best choices for a SPARC with 24-bit graphics are a Leo, an SS20
with the VSIMM for the cg14, an SS5 with a S24 framebuffer, or an
UltraSPARC with a Creator framebuffer (or better).

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