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Re: more on the ELC

> On Sep 06, Ryan Kirkpatrick scratched in indelible ink :

> trouble. After that, the rest of the install went fine. I have attached
> some notes that detail what I did. Note that 'needle' is the ELC, and
> 'farstar' is a P100 running Potato with rarp loaded into the kernel, and a
> full mirror of potato stored locally.
> 	Probably not too much help as you have your system setup now, but
> might provide good examples for the documentation. TTYL.
actaully, this does help lots, as the intention is to have the ELC booting
disk-less.  This means I can locate the (noisy) disks in my alpha (also
running potato), which is in the dining room, leaving the ELC in my room, nice
and quiet. It keeps my room warm and cosy too :)

> **   Now, booted with 'boot net nfsroot=/boot/
>      nfsaddrs=', where .22 is needle,
>      and .4 was farstar.
this is the bit that I have never ever seen documented.  a boot command for nfs-root.
Thank you, thank you thank you.
which, btw, what do the segments after nfsroot=... mean?

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