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Re: login message

On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 11:45:04AM +0000, DR_SeC wrote:
> hi.
> I have a problem when i want to login in my ultra5 with potato.
> after i have put the user login, the machine send this message
> login: root             <--- example
> System bootup in progress - please wait
> Password:
> if i want login as root, i can, but if i want login as normal user i can't.

You haven't said anything about your system, your configuration, or your
situation so it's hard to give any useful advice.  It looks like you
are getting a login prompt before the system in in full multi-user mode.
Perhaps your default boot is into single-user mode or you're getting an
error that requires an fsck perhaps.  Can you get to multi-user mode
and see if you can do a user login from there?  Otherwise, what's the
output of '/sbin/runlevel'?

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