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Re: getty oops and netscape

> BC> Netscape has not released binaries for Linux/SPARC since version
> BC> 4.52. If you feel up to the task, you can download the source
> BC> package from "slink" and build it on the sparc. This will produce
> BC> .deb's that can be installed, and allow you to run Netscape under
> BC> sparc. I might also add that Mozilla (currently M17 in "woody")
> BC> runs quite well.
> Pardon me.  But doesn't it mean then that I can also download the 
> source from woody/potato and build it on the sparc?  Would you 
> point me to the doc that teaches me how to "build it on the sparc"?  
> Thank you!

No, the potato/woody netscape does not include the sparc binaries. You'll
need to do to slink/main/source/ and fine the netscape and navigator files
(there is a .tar.gz, .diff.gz and .dsc for each one). Then do "dpkg-source
-x foo.dsc" for each .dsc file. Cd into the directory that gets unpacked and
run the command "dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc". You'll need to do this as root.
After that completes you will have some .deb's you can install.

> Yes, I have tried M17.  But I thought it less "useable" than M14 (M15 
> hangs trying to create the profile): from the logs that scroll by on 
> the window where I started mozilla, it appears to generate many more 
> error messages and is slower (than M14).  But it might be because I 
> didn't configure it correctly---although it was installed by dselect.

Odd, seemd to run faster for me. Perhaps you should remove the ~/.mozilla
directory and try again.

> Anyhow, because I need to access secure server (https) frequently, I 
> thought netscape (or communicator) would be more appropriate.

Unfortunately, PSM (the HTTPS enabler application for mozilla) is not
availbale for Sparc yet :( Although, a future version of Mozilla will
include it directly, and then it will be usable on sparc.

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