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Re: getty oops and netscape

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 01:54:09PM -0400, HenSiong Tan wrote:
> Hello,
> I wonder if anyone has tried setting CONFIG_FONT_SUN12x22 to "y" when
> compiling the latest kernel source (2.2.17_1:2.2.17-1) on the debian 
> site.  I had problem with getty when I did that on the 2.2.17pre6-1 
> source: the kernel boots fine until it starts getty to produce those 
> login consoles; then it begin generating those getty oops (of course 
> I wouldn't be able to log in).

I'm using the 12x22 font without problems on 2.2.17. I assume you tried
without that font? Also, what kind of sparc is this (sun4[cmu])?

> The other question I have is: how does people install/use netscape on 
> sparc linux?  I will be very thankful if someone could point me to 
> the appropriate site for more info.

Netscape has not released binaries for Linux/SPARC since version 4.52. If
you feel up to the task, you can download the source package from "slink"
and build it on the sparc. This will produce .deb's that can be installed,
and allow you to run Netscape under sparc. I might also add that Mozilla
(currently M17 in "woody") runs quite well.


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