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RE: TFTP boot on sparcstation1 locks..


I tried a floppy, before tftp, and it started uncompressing.
It crashed at some point after (there was the '\' of the spinning
bar on the screen..).

I've got another sparcstation, I'm going to try that one.

Perhaps it's a HW problem.


P.S.  Just took a look at the sparcstation I was trying.
It's a sparcstation 2..

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> From: Brian W. Johnson [mailto:bjohnson@math.uchicago.edu]
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> To: david@enikia.com
> Subject: Re: TFTP boot on sparcstation1 locks..
> David,
> I don't think I can help you directly, but I also have a 
> sparcstation 1,
> and I'm trying to load the most recent tftpboot.img over the 
> net.  I get
> no response after the image finishes loading, but I'm using a serial
> console, so I'm not sure if the machine is hung, or if it 
> actually does
> boot and just tries to write to the framebuffer (which I can't see --
> I don't own a monitor).  I don't even get a TILO, but I suspect our
> problems are related.
> If you make any progress on this, please let me know.
> Brian Johnson
> bjohnson@math.uchicago.edu

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