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sparc sun4 IPC install

Hello, I have an IPC sun4 / 40 with only
a floppy drive (not yet network) and 
a HD with 200Mo... 36Mo RAM
I do installation with the rescue floppy disk.
And now i can log as root on my machine but but but
I can not install X

the install program said:
"after running deselect"
[I]nstalling (msdos floppy method)
"Now i need the disks containing the package
Packages yet to be unpacked
386 in <unkown> wdiff xfonts-pex  vim xpaint tcl8.8
dpk-split unalable to read depot directory
/var/lib/ppkg/parts' no such file or directory
install script error 1"

Is it actually possible to run linux X under only 200Mo?
How to install light X? (from floppy or I shoul 'down' on HD before?)

thank's for all information can help me.


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