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Re: Weird working of X

What is your colordepth?
That behaviour is probably due to lack of colors.
To satisfy the demands of the application, e.g. gimp, colors outside of
the application window looks scrambled.


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From: Ottavio Campana <bott@iol.it>
Subject: Weird working of X
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:14:13 +0200

> I'm using  windowmaker on my ss10  with a cg6 framebuffer.  I've noted a
> strange behaviour of  X. When I run Wmakerconf or  gimp1.1 and the mouse
> is on  the application window I  get the window correctly  displayed and
> tha background has all the colors inverted. When the mouse is out of the
> window on the background its colors are  ok and the colors of the window
> are inverted.
> I've  had the  idea that  it could  be a  gtk problem.  I wrote  a small
> program with gtk, I ran it and it worked.
> Does it happenat o other people this fact or just to me?
> Do you know why it happens?
> Bye
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