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Re: Debian installer can't recognise my seagate hd

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 02:03:11AM -0400, John F. Scipione wrote:
> Hello fellow debian on sparc users/developers
>     Hi, I am trying to install debian on my sparcstation 2, and have come across a strange error.  I replaced the 100Mb Hd that came with the computer with a seagate 2.1 Gb one.  For some reason, the debian install cannot seem to find that drive on kernel boot.  This is strange, because it can be seen by probe-scsi, solaris, and even redhat!  Are their any modules I can pass at the SILO boot prompt to correct this?  

Fairly odd, since the Debian kernel is stock source with no modifications
(and SCSI disk support built-in). I seriously doubt it has anything to do
with the type of disk. Are you sure the new disk is terminated? What SCSI
related messages come up at boot (use dmesg after boot to get some


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