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Re: Debian installer can't recognise my seagate hd

* Dario Rossi <dario@it.colt.net> [000925 02:27]:
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, John F. Scipione wrote:
> >    Hi, I am trying to install debian on my sparcstation 2, and
> >have come across a strange error.  I replaced the 100Mb Hd that came
> >with the computer with a seagate 2.1 Gb one.  For some reason, the
> >debian install cannot seem to find that drive on kernel boot.  This
> >is strange, because it can be seen by probe-scsi, solaris, and even
> >redhat!  Are their any modules I can pass at the SILO boot prompt to
> >correct this?
> Did u try to do boot -r at promt ok?

boot -r at the ok prompt is a Solaris thing and will have no effect
for Linux.  John- one thing to be aware of is that your SS2 will
not be capable of booting off a kernel that is beyond the first
gigabyte of the disk due to a PROM limitation on all sun4c and sun4m
machines.  Some of the sun4m's extended the limit to 2GB.  Could this
perhaps be what is wrong?  Try installing with a small /boot partition
at the head of the disk and see if that alleviates the problem.
Otherwise, could you post the linux kernel's scsi detection output here
so we can see what it looks like?  Thanks. :)

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