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SPARCStation 10 network installation problem

I've got a SPARCStation 10 that I've been trying to install debian

Installation of everything up to the network config seems to work ok
but the network doesn't seem to setup correctly.

No errors (that I can see) are reported during network configuration
and running a shell during the install process and doing:

  ifconfig eth0

reports that erveything is as I expect.

The switch the box is connected to has a light on the port indicating
that link level communications are established.


  netstat --interfaces

returns nothing.

When I configure the installation I don't add any network drivers (I
understand that the kernel includes them by default). Is this the
right thing to do?

Sorry for the lame question (I couldn't find any relevant post in the
archive) but can anyone help me?

Nic Ferrier

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