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Problems with gnome-panel and X\

Yesterday I got a  cd of debian 2.2 for sparc. I've  tried to install it
but I get some problems....

First       of        all       I've       tried        to       install
gnome-session     but     gnome-panel_1.0.55-2.0.1.deb    depends     on
gnome-panel-data_1.0.55-2.0.1.deb  but   I've  looked   in  my   cd,  in
ftp.debian.org and  ftp.it.debian.org and  that package  doesn't exists.
There's only gnome-panel-data_1.0.55-2.deb and with this package nothing
works........ :(

Then I've installed window maker and the xserver. But I've seen that the
xserver conflicts with  gpm. Why? And then,  how do I configure  X no my
sparc? If I launch startx I just see a white screen and nothong else.


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