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/etc/init.d/xterm 2.1 on an IPC about Linux2.2 sunqe driver problem Re: apt ftp method dying after upgrade apt not working with sparc ipc Backup Re: Bug#40475: xserver-mach64 graphics view a bit funky Re: Bug#41277: postgresql 6.5.1-3 + sparc (sun4u) == nasty nasty crashes Bug#41277: postgresql: Doesn't work on sparc (fwd) Classic hardware problem? Re: continuing setserial problems creating a tftpboot kernel/compiling a kernel for ultra 5 Re: Current glibc and NIS databases and potato Diskless Sparc Clients, We Need -DNFSROOT Faure, Kubrick and Albert down gdb problem / how to handle includes? GMC How to compile kernel 2.0.35 on Sparc? How to setup X? Kernel 2.2.x: bwtwo support broken Kernel questions... Re: kernel source, patches and headers... Keyboard in a Sparc 4 libc5 compat ? Linux Filesystem on a DAT Tape ????? Linux/SPARC Kernel netbase 3.15-4 ports? netscape availability (where?) Newbie: Xsun cannot open /dev/kbd error 13 NIS problems with Potato on Sparc off topic but asking anyway offline for a month Problems with the new ssh package. Scsi error on my IPX serial port and external modem Re: SHMMAX, cdrecord, kernel slink Packages file empty for sparc... Re: Solaris Binary Emulation sparc 20 Re: SPARC kernel questions Sparc NFS? Sparc problem - any answers??? Sparc64 kernel on Sparcstation 10 ????? SparcServer 1000e Problems strange su error SUN MONITOR MANUAL WANTED!! uprgade from sparcstation 4 under redhat to debian What must I do? X packages broken X-server problem. xcontrib: error in dh_installxaw, not the human-made postinst Re: your mail The last update was on 15:26 GMT Sat May 11. There are 119 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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