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First of all, THANK YOU for the real quick feedback!

In the second place, some extra info/request

1) The adapter I have is a SUN one, so there should be
no problems with that.

2) Said this, allow me to show off my ignorance of the
matter by asking what is the difference, if any, between
sync_on_green and composyte sync features.

(Obviously, just point me to the right site without
wasting your time if it exists.)

I know that the X server for MATROX card will accept a
sync_on_green option in the MONITOR section of XFREE86config,
and I have seen "composite" is a valid flag at the end
of a modeline, but are composite and sync_on_green
mutually exclusive?

Worst yet, since the SUN adapter may rewire signals internally,
should'nt I just ignore the above options, and maybe
just switch the hsync and/or vsync polarity ( from +vsync to -vsync,
for example). Any idea?

Again, could any of the above fry the video card if set up wrongly?

	Thank you in advance,

			Marco Fioretti

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