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Re: How to setup X?


> > > Do you also have a white stripe down the left side of the display in
> > > console mode?  I think bwtwo support is broken in 2.2.x kernels.
> > Yes I have!! :-O Sometimes the stripe is there, sometimes it
> the exact same problem with an IPC at home.  You could try the Mono
> X servers from potato and Red Hat 6.0.  If they don't work,
> then it's a kernel problem and you should ask on the sparc list on vger.

Okay, I'll try this out. Thanks!

But: If I boot the SLC from a harddisk that contains a "regular" Debian linux
system (as opposed to the system I'm configuring now, by hand), the X server
(XsunMono) runs fine. So I guess this must be a configuration problem...
By the way: Just comes to my mind that the "regular" Debian Linux on disk
contains kernel 2.0.35. So you might be right that this is a kernel 2.2.x

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