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Re: Sparc problem - any answers???

On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 03:24:55PM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I said earlier in the week:
> >> I've just started doing a new set of official sparc images on
> >> cdimage.debian.org and things are failing all over the place. I've checked
> >> up and the binary-sparc directories are full of sym-links to sid. Can
> >> somebody please explain this? At the moment this makes it impossible to
> >> make CDs...
> As a clarification, this means that the _released_ sparc _slink_
> distribution is unstable. I'd be very surprised to hear that this is the
> case deliberately, and if so I'd love to hear the reasoning for it. That
> aside, I believe we need to fix this and soon. Comments?

No, the only links remaining are the ones that haven't changed since slink
released. I think that slink symlinks into sid (sid is stable) and potato
only symlinks to sid for things that are still the same as slink (so when
a package is updated in potato, it no longer points to sid, but the
package is installed into potato).


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