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apt not working with sparc ipc


I'm just new to sparc linux and have come across a problem with apt and
my sparcstation IPC which others seem to have as well. So I'm hoping someone
has figured out how to fix it now :)

Basically the potato version of apt-get just uses up 100% CPU and sits then
doing not much when you do a 'apt-get update' I left it there for a couple
of hours and when I came back it had fetched 99% of the main packages file.

Note: The IPC is 10 Meg ethernet to the place I was fetching packages from.

This happens with debian 2.2.1, 2.2.9 and my own 2.2.10 kernels.

It didn't happen with the slink version of apt, only started happening
with the potato version.

Any ideas. I see an open bug where the package maintainer (I think
it was him, Jason?) claimed that it wasn't a problem with apt but a network
problem. I don't see any network problems. I'm ftping and nfs mounting stuff


Andrew Howell
Managing Director
Informed Technology
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