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Re: NIS problems with Potato on Sparc

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999 09:16:12 +1000 (EST), Daniel Robert Franklin wrote:
> I have recently been trying to set up a Sun IPX as a NIS server for a small
> lab full of Linux machines. However, the installation of the NIS package
> hangs at the point where it tries to start ypbind. I have seen the same
> problem with setting up a NIS client on another IPX, but with slink rather
> than potato which I am using here.
> Is this a known problem or have I screwed something up? Pretty much
> everything else on this Sun works great (much faster than Solaris!).

Same problem over here with a Sun IPC NIS client trying to connect to an
SGI IRIX 6.4 NIS server: ypbind hangs. I've tried to supply the NIS domain
and the NIS server in /etc/yp.conf, but with the same result. After
putting an "exit" at the first line of /etc/init.d/nis I was able to boot
properly, but without NIS. Starting ypbind by hand sometimes helps when
you start it twice: the second ypbind process is sometimes able to
communicate with the server.


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