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Re: continuing setserial problems

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> I've managed to get setserial 2.15-4 to compile (see the important bug
> I filed with a patch), however, I get the following errors when
> running it...  

> # setserial /dev/ttyS0
> sys32_ioctl: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(0000541e) arg(effffc20)
> Cannot get serial info: Invalid argument

> Is setserial's functionality just not supported in the Sparc Linux
> kernel?  Do we need to somehow disable it for sparc?

I always assumed it wasn't needed (and disabled it).  The error
message that you included above will only come from the sparc64
kernel.  (It is from the code in
arch/sparc64/kernel/{ioctl,sys_sparc32}.c which translates the
arguments of 32-bit system calls into 64-bit system calls.)

Since it is unhandled, either: it's not used on the sparc, or they
didn't get around to adding it.  Since Red Hat 6.0 includes setserial,
I assume that it is useful on the sparc.  They don't seem to have any
sparc-specific patches, though.  (The sole patch removes the file:
  #include <linux/hayesesp.h>


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