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Re: What must I do?

On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 01:48:22PM -0400, chris@datamark.com wrote:
> I am running the last stable release of slink, 2.0.35 kernel
> on a Sun IPX Sparc.  It is wonderful!!!!!!!! As is apt which, BTW,
> works flawlessly and is a huge improvement over the original
> dselect of earlier releases. In fact the slink OS works so well on
> the Sparc it has been made the primary DNS (ala named) for my domain,
> and this email, via qmail 1.03, is from that very machine.
> Now, the one enigma.  The (stock slink) KSH works fine but gives
> the following warning each time it is envoked:
> ksh: Symbol `sys_siglist' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking
> I downloaded the KSH (slink) source and recompiled KSH; no compile
> errors but the new KSH doesnt exexute at all, it dumps core.
> The KSH warning falls in to the 'anoying' bin rather than the 'bug' bin;
> but it would be great to resolve it.
> Please, please any suggestions or help would be most appreciated.

I got your email a few days ago, but went on vacation before I could
answer, sorry.

As for the kernel version you are using, I would suggest upgrading to the
2.2.9 kernel in potato. Even though it is in unstable, it is a very stable
kernel (I have an IPC with 40+ day uptime with this same kernel). Plus on
old sun4c systems such as yours, it will show a huge amount of speed up.
The sun4c's are prone to what's known as the "slow down bug" when using
the 2.0 kernels, and 2.2 fixes this.

As for the ksh problem, the only solution I can think of is trying the
libc6 from potato aswell (make sure you install the 2.2.9 kernel first,
since a 2.2 kernel is required for this version of libc6). Then try the
ksh in potato.

This may not be the correct answer, but it's probably the easiest since I
know that the potato ksh with potato's libc6/kernel works fine.


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