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Kernel questions...

I am having some trouble compiling a kernel (2.2.1)....it gets to the point
of compiling the actual kernel itself and then it dies with about 50
"dereferenced pointer to an imcomplete type" errors....I have tried using
egcs and gcc with the same error both times....

I am running a SS1+ with 28 meg of ram..my installation is Slink...all the
packages including src for 2.2.1 are from slink...and I am running 2.2.1 as
my kernel..

also side note...hardware related question...my onboard ethernet card doesnt
appear to work...wondering if anyone knew a good way to determine if it is
dead or shutoff somehow? the tests from the prom state the internels are
fine but the externels fail...(with or without a AUI->10baseT transceiver)
and the kernel finds it but I can get any responses out of it...

thanx alot...


Linux it's the choice of a GNU generation!

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