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Re: apt not working with sparc ipc

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Andrew Howell wrote:

> Basically the potato version of apt-get just uses up 100% CPU and sits then
> doing not much when you do a 'apt-get update' I left it there for a couple
> of hours and when I came back it had fetched 99% of the main packages file.

It's a bit early for me.. but get a non-defective strace (from potato) and
strace the spinning process. Sparc seems to have lots of weird problems
with APT that are just not explainable by anything other than a bad

I looked at something like the once ahh how did it go - apt calles timegm
and it goes in libc and starts spinning on a mutex from pthreads and never
returns. That was on some weird glibc, it wasn't 2.1.


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