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Re: How to setup X?

Andreas Jaehnigen <jaehnias@Studenten.IMS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE> writes:

> Hi Steve and all the others...
> Thanks for your reply... was waiting impatiently! :-)
> > Do you also have a white stripe down the left side of the display in
> > console mode?  I think bwtwo support is broken in 2.2.x kernels.

> Yes I have!! :-O Sometimes the stripe is there, sometimes it
> isn't. But in most cases I can see it.  Do you really think bwtwo
> support is broken?! It does also influence X, or doesn't it?  Is
> there any use in trying the 2.3.x versions??  -- cya ANDI

I vaguely remember something from the main sparc mailing list.  I have
the exact same problem with an IPC at home.  You could try the Mono X servers from potato and Red Hat 6.0.  If they don't work,
then it's a kernel problem and you should ask on the sparc list on vger.


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