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Re: creating a tftpboot kernel/compiling a kernel for ultra 5


> Kernel-source 2.2.9 or 2.2.10. I guess it compiles sparc and not sparc64
> but how to change this.

No clue about this.... :-( Maybe somebody can help...?

> I also tried to create a tftpboot from the potato kernel-image but I'm not
> able to make it ;-(. 

Your Sun can only boot from an A.OUT image- however, the kernel image is
ELF binary format. (Also, this will be the format of every kernel you
compile youself.) You may "check" this (in a rather sloppy way) by
issuing a
	file <your kernel image>
Result will be "ELF binary".


You have to convert your image into A.OUT. For this, use the "elftoaout"
utility from the netboot package:

If you have compiled the kernel yourself, it will probably be gzipped. SILO
can handle this, but elftoaout can't. So uncompress the image first!

You can also glimpse at the mailimg list archives, Eric explained the
whole thing to me some time ago... :-) (Thanks again!)


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