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Marco Fioretti <marco.fioretti@tei.ericsson.se> writes:

> Hello,
> Please answer directly to Marco.Fioretti@tei.ericsson.se,
> since I am not subscribed to these lists: I just need a
> one time feedback from knowledgeable owners of SUN hardware,
> as you SPARC LINUX guys certainly are :-)

> I have a SUN monitor GDM 1962B 19", with original SUN 13W3 ->
> VGA adapter.
> I am looking for somebody who can forward to me some info
> from the original datasheet/manual/pinlist of both the monitor
> and the adapter, because I am trying to connect it to a LINUX PC,
> (Matrox G200 AGP card, 8M RAM, MANDRAKE 6.0).
> Specifically, the problems are:

I use a Sony GDM-1950 with my Mystique card (fortunately it has
seperate H/V sync in 5 BNC connectors, so I didn't have to mess with
combining the sync signals.)  It uses Sun's 1152x900x66 timing.

The monitor that you have requires composite sync.  I tried
sync-on-green with one of them, and it didn't work.  The adapter only
gets you half way there, connecting one of the sync signals to the
composite pin on the 13W3.  (It's meant to go the other way,
apparently the monitors with SVGA connectors that Sun ships works with
both composite and seperate sync signals.)

> (solved) Fixed frequency means only one possible modeline,
>         which I already found on the net.

> (real)  Sync signal are not standard, i.e. they could be
>         any of negative/positive/sync_on_green/composite..
>         Online datasheets say different things about this,
>         and printed manuals or feedback from SUN seem harder
>         to get than 100% uptime in Windows NT :-))

> (real)  Fixed frequency means no text mode, which makes
>         init level 5 mandatory (right) but also makes
>         setup tricky.

> 3) TEXT MODE:   I'm almost sure this is not possible, but let's
>                 ask: Is there any way to have mandrake also run
>                 without X windows, text mode only, on such a
>                 combination of video card and monitor
>                 (maybe like having the 640x480 mode or whatever it is
>                 appear only on one fraction of the screen?)

I've got a matrox card, so I compile matroxfb into the kernel and give
the exact video timings to the kernel via a lilo append line, this
gives me a high resolution text mode as soon as the kernel starts.
Look in Documentation/fb/matroxfb.txt in the kernel source.  IIRC, the
keyword:value strings have to be seperated by commas.

Also, the matrox drivers in win9x/NT allow you to specify your own
monitors, so I have Windows 98 working with my fixed frequency.

> I have already browsed all the several WWWW sites dealing with
> this (ex: http://cvs.anu.edu.au:80/monitorconversion/sun.html)
> but they all talk about messing up internal trimmers, or building
> by hand a custom adapter to match connectors and sync polarities.
> I already have one, so I just need to know how to use it.

I suspect that the adapter that you have doesn't combine sync.  (If
it's the part I'm thinking of.)

Contrary to what that site says, the exact timing and sync signals
used by Sun are:

ModeLine "1152x900s"  94.5    1152 1192 1320 1528   900 902 906 937 -hsync -vsync

And this is the 1152x900x66 mode rather than the 1152x900x76 mode.
This info came from the manual for Sun's GX graphics adapter.  (I can
provide modelines for other modes.)


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