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Re: continuing setserial problems

>I always assumed it wasn't needed (and disabled it).  The error
>message that you included above will only come from the sparc64
>kernel.  (It is from the code in
>arch/sparc64/kernel/{ioctl,sys_sparc32}.c which translates the
>arguments of 32-bit system calls into 64-bit system calls.)

Is it the case that setserial is useless on sparc and sparc64?
PowerPC doesn't seem to have it, but m68k and alpha do.

The Debian maintainer has asked me to get in touch with the upstream
maintainer about this.

>Since it is unhandled, either: it's not used on the sparc, or they
>didn't get around to adding it.  Since Red Hat 6.0 includes setserial,
>I assume that it is useful on the sparc.  They don't seem to have any
>sparc-specific patches, though.  (The sole patch removes the file:
>  #include <linux/hayesesp.h>

Typical RH.  I was able to patch autoconf so it could determine Hayes
capability independantly.

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