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On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 16:37:49 +0200, Marco Fioretti wrote:
> 2) Said this, allow me to show off my ignorance of the
> matter by asking what is the difference, if any, between
> sync_on_green and composyte sync features.

A monitor needs two sync signals: horizontal sync (hsync), and vertical
sync (vsync). When you combine hsync and vsync into one signal (can be
done with two 100 ohm resistors), you'll get a combined sync (csync)
signal. If you mix csync with the green signal, you'll get sync-on-green.

> I know that the X server for MATROX card will accept a
> sync_on_green option in the MONITOR section of XFREE86config,
> and I have seen "composite" is a valid flag at the end
> of a modeline, but are composite and sync_on_green
> mutually exclusive?

Yes they are, AFAIK. Also note that my S3 Trio64V+ accepts a sync_on_green
option, but it doesn't _make_ a sync-on-green signal. YMMV.

> Worst yet, since the SUN adapter may rewire signals internally,
> should'nt I just ignore the above options, and maybe
> just switch the hsync and/or vsync polarity ( from +vsync to -vsync,
> for example). Any idea?

Chances are high. The Sun monitor needs a csync signal, so it's possible
that the adapter makes it with two resistors:

VGA   -------------------> 13W3

hsync -->--[100R]--\
                    +----> csync
vsync -->--[100R]--/

Just use a multimeter and the connector pinouts available at
http://www.monitorworld.com/Cables/video_standards.html to find out. Or
simply open the adapter, if at all possible.

> Again, could any of the above fry the video card if set up wrongly?

I don't think you'll fry your monitor, as long as you switch it off (or
disconnect it) if you see that the video mode doesn't work. For the video
card: as long as you don't short-circuit the outputs, you should not be
able to fry it. With a little knowledge in electrical engineering and a
lot of common sense, you will be able to manage. No guarantees, however!


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