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Please answer directly to Marco.Fioretti@tei.ericsson.se,
since I am not subscribed to these lists: I just need a
one time feedback from knowledgeable owners of SUN hardware,
as you SPARC LINUX guys certainly are :-)

I have a SUN monitor GDM 1962B 19", with original SUN 13W3 ->
VGA adapter.
I am looking for somebody who can forward to me some info
from the original datasheet/manual/pinlist of both the monitor
and the adapter, because I am trying to connect it to a LINUX PC,
(Matrox G200 AGP card, 8M RAM, MANDRAKE 6.0).
Specifically, the problems are:

(solved) Fixed frequency means only one possible modeline,
        which I already found on the net.

(real)  Sync signal are not standard, i.e. they could be
        any of negative/positive/sync_on_green/composite..
        Online datasheets say different things about this,
        and printed manuals or feedback from SUN seem harder
        to get than 100% uptime in Windows NT :-))
(real)  Fixed frequency means no text mode, which makes
        init level 5 mandatory (right) but also makes
        setup tricky.

Right now I am:

1) editing XFREE86config in text mode on small VGA monitor
2) type startx --whatever_options_you_may_suggest_here
3) disconnect VGA, connect SUN monitor
4) press ENTER
5) (so far..) No image, back to square 1)

What I'd like to know is:

1) HARDWARE:    I know I can blow the monitor doing this,
                but what about the video card and other PC
                parts? Is there any possibility that I
                permanently damage anything INTO the PC case
                while playing with this?

2) SYNC SIGNALS: Whatever they are, it's just a matter of
                adding the corresponding flags (+-vsync/etc)
                to the modeline, or am I missing something?
                (like other options in Xfree86config, command-
                line switches to startx, board jumpers, etc..)

3) TEXT MODE:   I'm almost sure this is not possible, but let's
                ask: Is there any way to have mandrake also run
                without X windows, text mode only, on such a
                combination of video card and monitor
                (maybe like having the 640x480 mode or whatever it is
                appear only on one fraction of the screen?)

I have already browsed all the several WWWW sites dealing with
this (ex: http://cvs.anu.edu.au:80/monitorconversion/sun.html)
but they all talk about messing up internal trimmers, or building
by hand a custom adapter to match connectors and sync polarities.
I already have one, so I just need to know how to use it.

                Thank you in advance,

                        Marco Fioretti

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