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Re: Sparc problem - any answers???

Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> I said earlier in the week:
> >> I've just started doing a new set of official sparc images on
> >> cdimage.debian.org and things are failing all over the place. I've checked
> >> up and the binary-sparc directories are full of sym-links to sid. Can
> >> somebody please explain this? At the moment this makes it impossible to
> >> make CDs...

It shouldn't be impossible to make CDs, because it was in the same
state when I made the official CDs, and everything turned out ok.
(The slink-cd script flattened out all of the sid links.)  The only
time a problem should occur is if you haven't mirrored sid.

> As a clarification, this means that the _released_ sparc _slink_
> distribution is unstable. I'd be very surprised to hear that this is the
> case deliberately, and if so I'd love to hear the reasoning for it. That
> aside, I believe we need to fix this and soon. Comments?

The released slink distribution isn't unstable. sparc/slink is newer
than sparc/sid, and sparc/potato is newer than sparc/slink.  sid has
been static since sparc was moved into stable.

(And, yes, I do agree that slink shouldn't have symlinks into sid,
just because it's difficult to mirror, and there is no reason for an
extra, useless sparc tree, but it should still be possible to build
CDs from a sid+slink mirror.)


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