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netscape availability (where?)

hi, i have debian slink running on a sparcstation 2 (sun4m i think) and
all is as it should be, except i can't find netscape 4.5 native for it.

I have:
  1. searched ftp.netscape.com extensively, it seems that last year they
     had a sparc-linux version in their unsupported directory, but they don't
     appear to have it there anymore.
  2. tried installing the debian package netscape-base-45.  This is just some
     utilities for netscape, not the actual binary for netscape.
  3. looked at base/web for other netscape stuff and only found the help
     files and support files for java, _not_ the netscape executable.
  4. found an rpm package netscape-common* and netscape-communicator*,
     converted it to debian using alien, and installed it.  However, it seems
     the binaries are really for 64bit ultra's, not my little 32bit sparc.
     (when i run it, i get "illegal instruction", maybe it is just corrupted,
     i don't know).  I found it in the ultra subdirectory, i can't find 
     a similar package in the sparc directory. 

If someone knows where i can get the binaries of netscape, could you 
let me know?  thanks.  I would be eternally greatfull.

- karan

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